Comfort for Chemo


Okay so in the wise words of Pink, let’s get this party started!
When I first had the idea for 50 Things of Beauty, I immediately thought of my college friend, Lindsay.  I knew she would be a perfect person to ask to participate because she has the biggest heart and is always doing things for others. We bonded in college when she helped me make a mix tape on Valentine’s Day right after a break up. We laughed and sang, cruising around in my beat up Maxima blaring “Usher’s “Let it Burn” while all our friends were out on their dates.  And let’s just say, I’m super glad she helped me “Let that one burn” haha! img_4715

Anyway, through the years I have witnessed, countless times, her compassion and selflessness.  We have been through a lot together, and I am so grateful for a friend who is always encouraging me through scripture and prayer. She was an obvious first choice for featuring someone that brightens the life of others and provides comfort. The scripture I chose for her is Psalm 119:76

May your unfailing love be my comfort,according to your promise to your servant.

and the theme for her painting is comfort… fullsizeoutput_1eb1.jpeg

Proof Project is a non-profit organization that Lindsay’s boyfriend, Ryan, started to help people with home improvement projects.  Since there are some days where Lindsay and Ryan’s daughters, Ava and Ella, can’t help with the “skilled labor” – they use their hearts to be creative with other ways to give!

Ava and Ella have chosen to create Chemo Bags.  These are bags filled with items that hopefully will bring some comfort to those during their battle with cancer and disease.  They have chosen this because they have a friend whose sister is fighting leukemia.

First, the girls have artfully decorated the bags with markers —similar bags can be found here image3

Next, they have thoughtfully filled the bags with items intended to bring relief during chemo treatments.  These items include blankets handmade by the girls themselves by getting two pieces of fleece and tying them together along the edges.  Also included are; liquids (water or juice), ginger which helps with nausea that often comes from chemotherapy, earbuds, and salty snacks of chips and pretzels.


Lindsay and the girls decorated the bags with bible verses and sweet words of love and encouragement, and will deliver these gifts to a chemo center soon!  Oh, and Zach helped a bit too! I have no doubt your bags will bring joy and provide comfort to those who are bravely fighting cancer. What an incredible testament to the love God has given you to share. What a beautiful act of love it is! image1

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