4/52 Jones Feeds the Hungry

Okay ya’ll, this one is going to melt your heart. A couple months ago, I painted this one for my sweet friend Faith. We have known she and her husband Will for a few years. They are that couple that always have a big group over every weekend. They cook tons of AMAZING food, all our kids run around playing and we can all laugh, take a deep breath, sit outside by their fireplace and…. RELAX. And if you’re a momma, you know how grateful you are for friends you can relax with! #highlightofmyweek

Faith wanted something for her huge, beautiful mantle in just gray tones and gold leaf. The bible verse I choose for this one was 1 Peter 4:9 because it describes the Flowers family perfectly. “Show hospitality to one another without grumbling.”


This painting is number 4 of 52 paintings in the 52 things of beauty project, the labor is done as my gift; in return, the recipient of the painting does something to help others. In this case, Faith and her son, Jones, had already been giving by serving at Highlands United Methodist Church feeding the hungry.  “Highlands United Methodist Church is passionate about Jesus’ call to serve the poor and hurting. We believe in the inherent dignity of those who are ignored by society, and we strive to see them as Christ does—as children of God. Our prayer is that they will also see themselves as His children. At the heart of our vision is the desire to “be a place where all people are welcome and can discover, develop, and use their gifts”.

Jones let me record a short video of him telling about the experience. And let me just warn you, you will fall in love with this sweet boy when you hear him share.

If you live in the Birmingham area and want to participate. You can find the details here> http://www.highlandsumc.net/serve/. If you want your daughter to marry Jones, he may or may not have an arranged marriage to Waverly in the works. Thank you Jones for making the world a more beautiful place! Hope everyone has a great week!

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