5/52 Lifeline Children’s Services


So this week I decided to do an Instagram auction for painting 5/52 in the 52 Things of Beauty Project. I let anyone that was interested in the painting bid, and the money was donated to LIFELINE CHILDREN SERVICES. Just to recap, my paintings are done for the cost of the supplies only or free; Then the recipient pays it forward by giving in a creative way. Inspiring others to give!

One of our friends living in Texas, Will, generously bid and won the painting. {Sidenote; Will is probably THE funniest person I know 2) He has a beautiful daughter, Avery, who will no doubt be the 2nd funniest person I know…. I mean…how cool and cute is she already??

Lifeline was the organization of choice, and this is why ….


Last March, I attended a kids camp they put on here in Birmingham. They brought kids with special needs over from China. Nate was one of the kids I met and fell in love with. He was 11, tall for his age, shy and SO sweet. He was hard of hearing, but very smart. He was always helping the other kids and very loving. At the camp, the kids learned about Jesus and were given the love and affection that they deserve.  All the kids that came over on the trip are up for adoption. Some of them have been adopted and some of them are still waiting. All I know, is this organization is changing so many lives for the better and I’m SUPER glad Will helped them out. If you want to get involved, please visit the website http://lifelinechild.org. You can also read more about Nate’s visit http://lifelinechild.org/meet-nate-march-kids-camp-16/ . Thanks for giving my Art a story and turning it into something beautiful Avery and Will!

Meet Nate









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