6/52 #AllinforJosh

Painting number 6 of 52 is SUPER special for several reasons. First, it is going to a great cause… the support of an awesome person from Arkansas, Josh Fohner. Second, I painted it for a friend, Kristi Malzahn who has taught me valuable things about what it means to be a coach’s wife.  My husband, Casey, worked for her husband, Coach Malzahn, for almost 7 years at Arkansas State and Auburn. Throughout that time, as you can imagine, all of the coaches’ wives got to know each other pretty well.  We jokingly call ourselves “sisterwives” because of the amount of time we spend with each other while our husbands are busy in season!  Kristi is known for being hilarious and outgoing, but over those years, it was the more quiet things that I got to see and most people don’t know about her.           fullsizeoutput_2719
If anybody was going through a hard time, Kristi was the first one there to provide support.  She has such a heart to serve and help others. She even helped me get this project started by donating to 52 Things of Beauty.  @52thingsofbeauty is a project close to my own heart, where I paint and then ask each recipient of my Art to give in a way that is special and meaningful to them.  Here is the painting I did of Kristi’s pond.  In turn, she chose to give to Josh.

I know Kristi well enough to know that she is going to hate that I am even talking about her in this way.  I can just hear her now interrupting me by saying, “Okay, enough about ME, this is about JOSH”.  Haha! So let me tell you about her friend, Joshua Fohner, and the way we can help support him! Josh played football in high school for Coach Malzahn at Springdale High School and has been in a biking accident.  Kristi describes him as the SWEETEST kid in the world. Josh’s story can be found at AllinforJosh.org.

According to the website, Tuesday morning, September 26th, Josh left his home in Buena Vista, Colorado for his usual early morning workout before going to work.  He rode his bike to the gym, and around 6:30 a.m., a jeep struck Josh while he was riding home.

Upon examination at the hospital, doctors realized, among a long list of other things, that he had sustained a massive head trauma and needed immediate surgery.  After surgery he was declared stable but in serious critical condition.

The good news is that he has been improving each and every day.  So much so, that he is going to be transported to Arkansas from Colorado which will allow his family the opportunity to be near him during his continued recovery.  I encourage you to read the letters from his family on his page. Their faith is INCREDIBLE!  His dad speaks on how he and Josh’s mom are getting through this difficult time, and his mom, Kelly, is quoted saying, “Over the past six months God has been faithful to provide a word, a phrase, a scripture verse, and many sweet moments to encourage us and bring us hope.”

As you can imagine, the cost of Josh’s care and transport is expensive.  Donations are being accepted, and to all Alabama friends, there is going to be a benefit this Monday, April 10, at the Odyssey Skate Center in Huntsville from 6-9pm to raise money for Josh and his family.  Please help if you can! Details are below and on the website!

 If you would like to help support Josh and his recovery, please use the following link. It will take you to a secure GoFundMe page designated for the Josh Fohner’s medical expenses. Thank you for your help!

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