7/52 Showing Nurses some Love!


DSC_1741This painting goes to my sweet friend Leah. Leah was one of my student workers when my husband and I lived in Auburn. I mean, look at her. How beautiful is she??? FullSizeRender.jpg We instantly bonded over our love for rap music and dancing. Plus, you can’t be around Leah without having a good time. These days, she’s all grown up and doing big things! She about to move to Detroit to take a great job at General Motors! Go Leah! I painted her a little something to spruce up her new place and she choose to pay it forward by giving to a group of Nurses at the DaVita Tuscaloosa Diaylsis Center. She made them these SUPER cute care packages filled with candy.

IMG_1006 Leah has a special place in her heart for nurses because it has been nurses that have been taking care of her mom while she’s been away at college. Leah’s mom, Doreen started getting sick when Leah was in the 5th grade. She’s currently doing dialysis and in the process of preparing for a kidney transplant from Leah’s brother. Shout out to bro! Talk about #giving! Anyway, Leah is from Brunswick, Georgia but went off to Auburn for college, it was hard for Leah not to be there with her mom when she was sick. She wanted to enjoy school but was torn with the feeling she wouldn’t be able to take care of her mom so far away. It gave her peace of mind to know that the nurses were not only taking care of her mom but they became some of her mom’s closest friends. It gave Leah the ability to enjoy college knowing her mom was in good hands. It gave Leah’s pretty momma, friendship through a difficult disease. I don’t know Leah’s mom, but I know she has to be pretty, freaking awesome for having a daughter like Leah, and a son willing to donate his own kidney. Please take a second to pray that all goes well with her transplant procedure!

I’m sure there are many stories like Leah’s out there.

So if you see a nurse, Thank them today! Give them a high five. Buy them a coffee or make them a cute care package like she did!  Because they work a job that is not about them. In fact, they work a job that gets very little praise some days.…  So here is to you nurses! Out there kickin’ it in your cool scrubs today! Thank you for doing your thing for others, putting smiles on faces, and taking care of mommas like Leah’s! Its not just the people that you take care of that are grateful, it is the people that love them too!

PS, I will be giving away this 24X24 painting below to a nurse on my Instagram page @52thingsofbeauty this week! I’ll post what you have to do to get it later today. Thanks Leah for choosing a deserving group of people to give to, and inspiring others to give!fullsizeoutput_278b

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