9-12/52 Giving God’s word

Paintings 9-12 in the 52 Things of Beauty went to my sweet friend and former KKG sister Emily. She wanted a little color to livin’ up her hallway. She picked a color palette that was super fun to work with! Then her handy dandy husband MADE these frames! Go Austin! I will share the link on my Instagram page @52thingsofbeauty with how he did it.  But now, Emily is going to tell us about the awesome way her family chose to give!
“For our gift, we chose to make a donation to Pioneer Bible Translators.  We recently had the opportunity to listen to the President of Pioneer speak at our local church, and we were so moved by the work this group is doing to reach the nations.  They say “We believe the single greatest way we can help a hurting world is to give them God’s word.” and that statement really resonated with us.
We were informed that there are still approximately 900 language groups that do not have scripture in their native tongue.  And because it takes so many resources to accurately translate scripture, it costs about $38/verse to do so.
Thus raising funds in something Pioneer is always working to do.  Pioneer is confident that if their organization is able to keep up their current pace, that there will be churches using Scripture in every language by 2050!   That is something that we were so excited to be a part of!  Sometimes we question how we are doing our part in the Great Commission– to make disciples of all nations–and this was a tangible way that we could get involved immediately. “
You can visit https://pioneerbible.org for more info. Thank you Bell family for teaching us another unique way to give!

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