14/52 Gift of a Mother

To give….during this project of giving; It seemed fitting to reflect on who first taught us to give.  Who led us down the path of selflessness that Christ first laid out?  Who, when our nature told us to take, when our first words were “mine” and “no”, who showed us what it meant to put others first…and to give?

The answer is simple, our mamas.  Not by telling us to do so, but by example, giving to their children and families our whole lives looking for nothing in return.  They give mind, body, and heart.  They give of their sleep with early morning rises and late night nightmare checks. They give up the last of the milk and give up taking a shower to get us to school.  They give of their time driving form one practice to another, reading bedtime stories a thousand times over, and making two versions of dinner because tomatoes are gross. They give boundaries we hate but that keep us safe.  They give comfort during dramatic tears and genuine sorrows.  Some moms are required to give more…and they do with extended hospital stays or working more than one job.  They give help with homework and science fairs due the next day; pestering teachers, doctors, or us as necessary.  They kiss hurt knees and never leave our sides when we are sick.  They are the ones we are meanest to because we know they will love us anyway.  And through all this they raise us to know our value; that we are loved and important and worthy, but not more than another…for they give to others as well.  They give to siblings and strangers alike showing us the beauty of community.  And through all this giving, through all this sacrifice, we may not even realize that they see their sacrifice as privilege.

So to all mothers, the mothers who know the pains of childbirth, the mothers who have carried their children not in their bellies but solely in their arms, the mothers who share heart, mind, and soul with the ones they have given life in every sense of the word.  To the mothers who have witnessed the lives of their children and the mothers who maybe have also seen their unthinkable deaths and even the mothers still waiting to be mothers…we honor you this week.  We thank you not only for the life you gave us, but also for the opportunity you provided for that life to be full and beautiful.  We thank you for showing us the importance of giving…of loving.  And to the children who mourn this day, who grieve the loss of a mother’s love or perhaps simply have never known it…we pray this Mother’s Day that you will not lack peace, will not lack love, and you will be reminded that ultimately you are…we all are…sons and daughters of God.


This painting is 14/52 in the project 52 things of beauty, where each painting is given to someone who has a giving heart.  This one will go to a special mom on the Instagram page @52thingsofbeauty

Emily & Lauren

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