15/52 1st Graders #Give a Compliment

My sweet friend Dana teaches 1st Grade at Cary Woods Elementary in Auburn, Alabama. She needed a painting for her living room and agreed to participate in 52 Things of Beauty. The project where I paint one painting a week for a year, my labor is free, and I just ask in return for the recipients to pay it forward by giving in a way special to them, thereby turning the Art into 52 Things of Beauty. Then I share their idea with you guys, ¬†through my Instagram Page @52thingsofbeauty and this blog…inspiring others to give! This is painting 15/52.

Dana got her class involved and the results were priceless! They each made books for their mother’s and father’s and were asked to Give them a compliment. Then she helped them make the compliments into books for Mother’s and Father’s Day. Thank you Dana! Not only for being an incredible teacher, but teaching that it is easy to give a compliment and put a smile on someone else’s face! These are the lessons that your students will never forget! And I know their mommy’s and daddy’s will hold onto these cards forever. Here are a few of these precious, little innocent hearts giving out compliments:

If you have a way to give and want a painting, you can go to the ‘Nominate a Giver’ section. Every month, I choose a “Beautiful Giver” to receive a painting unique to them.

Thanks for following along with me!


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