17/52 Miracle feet


This painting goes to my friend Stevie, she chose to share her son baby Trenton’s story; bringing awareness to Miracle Feet Organization. As all parents that have children going through something difficult with their health, it takes a great amount of strength, positivity and support from friends and family.  I have truly admired Stevie and her husband Adam as they have committed to doing everything it takes to give Trenton the care he needs. He’s the perfect little guy and soon he’ll have some perfect little feet. Here is her story:

“We found out at our anatomy scan that our sweet baby boy would be born with isolated bilateral clubfoot. Our emotions ran high to begin with, since it was our first baby. When we first found out, we asked why? What does this mean for his future? Then after reading and doing some research, we were reassured that with the proper correction Trenton would be perfectly capable of doing everything a child without clubfoot could do.”

Now Trenton is here!  Ya’ll, he is one handsome dude! Stevie and her husband Adam are grateful for the ability to give him the treatments he needs to correct his clubfoot. They have already completed one round of casting and you can already see the improvement. He is one tough babe! IMG_201618839261_10100293617440680_8218071802278158195_n

Clubfoot is very common, it affects over one million children around the world. Miracle feet provides organizational, technical and financial support to over 150 clinics throughout the world to provide treatment for children born with clubfoot. Here is the link if you feel you would like to make a donation https://www.miraclefeet.org/donate/

Also, if you have an organization that is special to you and want to be featured in the blog. Go to the “Nominate a Giver” tab on the menu page and tell us about it. There are several nominated givers coming up that I can’t wait to share with you! I love that it has given me an opportunity to meet new people and hear their stories. This turns the Art into something beautiful!

As always, thanks for taking the time to learn a new way to give. I hope you find some way to make a difference and give!



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