18/52 Kindergarten class makes gift for Phenix City Police Department

If you want to get to know someone well, sit right next to them when they are pregnant. This next painting goes to my former coworker Ben, who had to do just that while I was pregnant with my daughter. Boy could he tell some stories on me. He had to watch me eat 36 rice Krispy treats every day before noon because I thought “carbs” helped my morning sickness. I would also cry when my computer wouldn’t start, prop up my swollen sumo sized ankles while burping and pounding tums like it was my job. Let me just tell you, it wasn’t easy for either one of us! But luckily, we remained friends and now he will be well prepared when his sweet wife gets pregnant one day haha! They asked for a picture of the barn where they got married in Mountain Cove Farms, Chickamauga, GA.fullsizeoutput_4dc5

Racheal is a kindergarten teacher in Georgia and wanted to get her class involved with 52 Things of Beauty by letting them suggest ways of giving back. One of them knew a little girl in the class had a father who was a police officer for the Phenix City Police Department. They decided it would be fun to make books thanking the officers for keeping them safe. What a great idea! Thank you Mrs. Carter’s Class from South Smiths Station Elementary for giving the Phenix City Police Department a well deserved gift!

As I was writing this I couldn’t help but think, what it would be like being married to a police officer? How scary it would be to know that your husband had to go into dangerous situations. Most police officers went into the profession because they were proud to serve their communities. So that their kindergarten daughters can grow up in a safe place, so that we can live in a safe place. That is such a selfless act. So that is why I love this idea, Mrs. Carter’s class. You are giving appreciation to a group of people who are heroes and their families are too; for allowing them to serve. Thank you police officers! I hope Mrs. Carter’s class encourages more kids to thank all those in professions that serve! Also, I will be giving away a painting to a police officer/spouse on my Instagram page @52thingsofbeauty.com. Thank you for reading and learning about a new way to give!

Have a great week!

Love, Lauren Woods

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