22/52 Big House Foundation

BigHouse Programs provide much needed support and valuable resources for local foster and adoptive families. In most cases, programs are available for the entire family, not just children in foster care. We want to encourage and equip each member of our families as they navigate the world of foster care and adoption.


BigHouse operates a Clothes Closet for foster families to access monthly for the children in their home. Donations of new or gently used clothing are accepted year round to keep our Clothes Closet well stocked. Children ages newborn – 21 are able to access this program.





We believe in restoring as much dignity to a child’s first 24-48 hours in foster care as possible. Our New To Care Bag program provides a new duffel bag, backpack or diaper bag to children entering foster care. We include new socks and underwear, toiletry items, clothes and pjs, accessories and a comfort item in each bag. Each bag is tailored for the individual child and items included vary by age. Bags can be requested by social workers or foster parents when children enter care.

BigHouse hosts monthly Kids’ Night Out respite events for local foster and adoptive families. This is an opportunity for our families to have a break while our Kids’ Night Out team is able to build relationships with our BigHouse kids.


Each month our moms come together for dinner and fellowship with other foster and adoptive moms in our area. BigHouse provides the meal, the moms provide the conversation. This is an opportunity for these women to meet and build relationships with each other.


Birthdays are important and we want to make them extra special for kids in foster care. BigHouse families can bring their kids to choose a toy from our Birthday Club during the month of their birthday! We also have birthday bags local groups put together that include decor, a cake mix, candles and more!

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