26-28/52 Children’s Harbor- One Team 100 Hearts

This was a 3-piece set for a sweet little nursery. The recipient allowed me to pick Children’s Harbor as the featured organization. Children’s Harbor provides children with serious illnesses and their families a place to be themselves – to have fun and relax – while also receiving no-cost services that make life a bit easier for the whole family. If you have been following along, you know my husband is one of the coaches for the UAB football team. This Saturday the UAB football partnered with Children’s Harbor. The team will be wearing the names of 100 hospitalized children from Children’s Harbor on their jerseys. All week I’ve been looking forward to these children cheering on the players and the players playing their best for these kids! The kids and their families have incredible strength, determination and fight. Just like our guys! It will be special to see these relationships develop!

If you want to help this wonderful organization. You can visit Children’s Harbor Website

UAB Champions


  • The UAB Blazers Football team will have the name of a child serviced by Children’s Harbor, in memory or honor, on the back of their jersey during the Homecoming game on October 7th at Legion Field.
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    As always, thank you for taking the time to read and learn new ways you can make a difference!

– Lauren Woods

One thought on “26-28/52 Children’s Harbor- One Team 100 Hearts

  1. lindsdawg says:

    This got me choked up. Beautiful from all angles – and how cool that the team is supporting these precious kiddos! Love it so much. Keep up the beautiful work my dear! 😘😘


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