33,34-52 Providing a Meal for the Ronald McDonald House


These two pieces are about to be shipped to Austin, framed in gold and hung in a beautiful bedroom! But first, we are sharing the story of what the Williams Family decided to do to turn the art into a thing of beauty.  The Williams family talked about options for this project, and settled on a great one! They intend to provide a meal to the local Ronald McDonald house this month. Ronald McDonald House is an organization that provides a “home-away-from-home” while children receive the care they need.

The Williams will have the meal catered from Olive Garden ( a family favorite) and then serve it to the families at the hospital.  It will be a great way for them to spend a night serving others and giving back. If all goes well, they may even make it a family tradition! If you are interested in learning about how your family can do the same HERE is more information. If you are not in the central Texas area, you can search your city and state and find your local Ronald McDonald house HERE


Photo courtesy of Ronald McDonald House

Thank you for taking the time to follow along and learning a new way to give! Also, thank you to the Williams family for sharing their great idea! Hopefully, it will inspire others to do the same this holiday season!

-Lauren Woods



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