36/52 How to Let Your Kids Create the Perfect Abstract Art for Christmas!

Hi friends!

With Christmas coming up,  I thought I would share a fun idea for moms of small children. I am going to show you an easy way to let your “littles” create beautiful abstract art. My idea behind the 52 things of beauty project was to use Art to inspire giving and this is the perfect gift! I did it with my kids, Waverly (2 years)  and Sawyer (1 year). It turned out great!


Here is what you will need:

  1. Watercolor Paper–I got mine at Micheal’s you can order it HERE
  2. 5 Shades of neutral paints– For this project, I used mostly Target Brand Hand Made Modern. Colors; slate, satin egg, satin white, elephant, and aluminum. Found HERE
  3. Brushes–I suggest using a large brush and a small brush or you can even just use their baby fingers. This brand is non-toxic but you will still want to make sure they don’t try and eat it. Ha!
  4. Frame–I absolutely love the Champagne double mat frames from Studio Decor. They look like custom frames but are much more affordable. Find them HERE

Also, Micheal’s always has great coupons so make sure you check their website to get the best deals!

Then let them get messy and paint! If possible, let them leave some white and not cover the entire canvas with paint. This allows your eye to rest in places which makes for a prettier painting. Also, it is fine for them to mix some of the colors together as they paint. Just try letting them use different brushes with the different colors and it will help give dimension to their work. After they dry, use a small paint pen to write their name and age. Then stick them in the frame! Ta-da! A beautiful piece any parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle will love! Happy Giving!






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