Sam Strong

This past weekend, I attended a wonderful event ATeam Ministries puts on called Heart2HeART. This organization matches professional artist and children with pediatric cancer to paint for an Art Auction. This year, I had the honor of being one of the Artist and was matched with 13 year-old, Sam Cunningham. My family went with me to meet Sam. After meeting Sam and his family, my sister Emily helped write this week’s blog post…

Last year Sam was a guest, a guest at an event to raise money for an incredible organization that helps families who are battling pediatric cancer.  He went in support of a friend who had fought that horrible disease.  Within a month, however, Sam found himself facing a similar diagnosis.  For the next year, Sam has endured doctors visits, hospital stays, cancer treatments, and at least one life saving surgery.  And in the midst of all that, he would not be consumed by the darkness of cancer that has haunted so many families.  Instead, he would simply ask if he could paint, if he could be a part of that remarkable organization that has changed so many lives.  So with a crowd of family and friends supporting him, Sam attend the event this year, not as a guest… but as an inspiration.


Genesis 1:4 states that “God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.”  I can not imagine a greater darkness than knowing one’s child is sick.  It must be a blinding darkness indeed.  This is a darkness Sam’s mother knows well.  She was called upon a year ago to serve her child in a way every parent dreads, and she continues to do so with love, and care, and a spirit of strength and hope.  She is a light and a privilege to know.  She is the person you are drawn to in a room because of her attention to others, her lively spirit, and her infectious smile.  You would never know the struggle she faces and yet she faces it head on everyday with grace and strength.  She found herself surrounded by darkness, and for her child, she became the light.  Yes, God separated the light from the darkness…and He saw that it was good.

So painting 47 is for Sam and his family for being an inspiration to all of us. fullsizeoutput_6624


Emily & Lauren

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