Julie’s Mom

How often do we think, “why me”?  How often do we look at others and think, “if only my life looked like theirs”?  “If only my struggle would cease to exist”…or even, “if only my struggle was someone else’s.”  The truth is we do struggle, we all struggle in a broken world that seems to persist beyond our own strength to resist.  Some struggle more than others.  Some overcome stronger than before, some carry scars that are hard to hide, but all seem to ask… “why?”.  Perhaps the question is incomplete…perhaps the question should be “why do we weather our storms, if not to help other survive theirs?”.

Painting number 48 of 52 is going to a mother nominated by her daughter.  A mother who struggled, who fought, who overcame, and who decided that that was not enough.  She decided that others could use her strength, her experience, and her love.  She not only asked, “why?” when it was completely appropriate to do so.  She also asked, “now…how do I help?”.  Here are the words of her daughter about the mother she has watched serve.

Hi! My name is Julie Starling and I am nominating my mom, Sandra Stanley. My mom
taught 8th grade science for 34 years  Isn’t that crazy? I cannot imagine being in the eighth grade for that long. On top of being a teacher for more than half of her life, she is a great mom to not only myself but to my two younger siblings (Julie-23, Jessica-21, Matthew-18). In August of 2010 our mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. After battling for over a year, then enduring over a month in ICU for reconstruction, she is now cancer free and in her 5th year of remission! She is by far the strongest and most inspiring person I know. She is constantly giving to others, and mentoring family and friends who are battling cancer. She’s the epitome of a giver in my mind, I hope you would consider her for as a Beautiful Giver on your site.


She sounds amazing Julie! Thanks for nominating her!



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